More trusted than TV, radio & my mates?

Information online has come a long way from its beginnings. It’s taken a relatively short time, but recent surveys have proved the online news is more reliable than TV or Radio and that bloggers are more reliable than freinds (WOM).  

Consumer behaviour is changing, it wasn’t long ago that bloggers and information online was considered light-hearted dribble. In a few short years people’s habits have evolved to jumping to Google as soon as they have any query and trusting bloggers more than their friends.

We’ve come a long way in how we use digital technology but we’ve still got a way to go…

The next step is giving away our information and IP.  We’re not there yet and it will probably take a while, but once people in general begin sharing all information we’ll see a plethora of new ideas and human advancement take place.

In this light businesses need to be open and honest with consumers, better yet utilise consumers for product development in order to create advocates.


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