The next evolution in paid search

Google has announced that they will now allow AdWords marketers to specifically target iPhones & Google’s T1 Android phone.

Here’s Google’s how to:

With 12 million iPhone users globally currently and over 200 million iPhone app downloads in little over 100 days eliminate the old (and popular) discussions about whether or not mobile users really want to do anything else but talking and texting on cell phones.

The opportunity for marketers will be two-fold:

1. Use insights on iPhone & T1 Android owners to segment, target a group of early adopters. This will only be short term as the products become more mainstream.

2. Marry the new Google tool with the developing area of geo-targeting with mobiles. If I’ve done a search on a hardware tool in the last two days, Bill’s hardware shop should be able to contact me when I’m within walking distance to the store.

If Google’s profits finally do drop, it won’t be from lack of innovation & product offering, Faber Novel has a great presentation on Google’s next innovations/strategy here.


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