The new creative frontier… DATA???


Using data in unique ways can garnish incredible communications.  Below are three examples of the newest creative art form… data management (who would have thought).

Nikon Connect 

Creative brief: show people how Nikon can connect them. Idea: let people create a light painting that links to other people’s paintings around the world. Result: beautiful, highly engaging and gets the message across. My only beef is that there’s a corny “Your voice and Nikon” message at the end of the light painting process. I guess it’s inevideble for any client work considering the branding on the site is subtle overall, the agency has done a great job in keeping site usability.


Sprint 3G network

Possibly the biggest data-kick-to-the-face I’ve ever seen. I’d be interested where Sprint is getting all their data feeds from and the validity of the data, but either way there’s hours of fun interacting with this crazy widget.


We feel fine

The only example that hasn’t been funded by a brand. A completely unique tool that collects and displays “emotions” in amazing ways. The site aggregates any sentence published on a blog (scanning the web every 2-3 mins) that contains the words, “I feel” or“I am feeling”.  To find out more see the creator’s TED talk here.


 The key to all of the above pieces of work is that the end result is about how the user interacts with the data. The creative therefore becomes purely a platform for users to interact with interesting data however they chose. 




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  1. Nerd comment… I have to admit, im loving this new creative, cool way to publish data. You have to check out the Facebook data app that analyses your friends, networks and groups.

    Loving your blog by the way :), Ry just told me about it today.

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