Samsung’s touchscreen vending machine

A vending machine with added interactivity was released at the latest CES conference thanks to a joint venture between Coke & Samsung. 

Though the idea isn’t breath-takingly advanced, nor is the technology, the very existence of the development points to some growing trends within digital communications.

Added interactivity

Fairfax predicted that 2009 would be the year of the touch screen – with the rapid uptake of the iPhone multitouch hardware and growing number of in-store touch screen kiosks, digital interactions between shoppers and real life products is beginning to build momentum quickly.

Why is the added interactivity important? For consumers – more relevant information when they need it, for communicators – qualified consumers to focus their messaging. As more and more real-world objects gain digital identities, they’ll be able to be found/indexed/reviewed as with current virtual representations of the entities, the difference will be the added dimensions of space, location and time – having the real object in front of you where you are when you want it. Imagine typing “I’m thirsty” into a mobile location based social networking site like Shizzow & having the Coke/Samsung vending machine introducing itself, telling you it’s only a block away and that it will give you 20% off on of a Mother drink if you make it there in the next 20 minutes…


It’s also great to see collaboration between an FMCG and brown good company, a sign of the growing openness of data and business. Pioneers like Google & Ask have shown big-business that collaboration is extremely important and will become increasingly essential to company success. Look to see more companies become bed-fellows, creating win-win solutions leading to innovative outcomes – such as the Coke/Samsung vending machine.


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