Why every digital marketer needs to know about QR Codes

Looks like a backdrop from a 1988 Atari game but Denso Wave Corp’s Quick Response (QR) Code is the begining of a revolution in how we interact with every day objects. The design of the printed data (pictured left) allows for a great deal of data to be transfered to scanners. There’s been a proliforation of scanner technology being adapted by mobile phones however, limited web-browsing on phones in general has limited the level of interaction the consumer can have post-scan. This is about to change with Microsoft’s new application, the first step to QR Codes becoming a litgitimate way to reach mass audiences with highly interactive content via QR Code.


Pretty simple – turn any object including press ad, clothing article, outdoor location etc into a link to the digital world. The biggest initial opportunities wil be linking ads & objects to eCommerce sites for sales conversion. 

Obviously there’s opportunity to get a lot more creative with the technology, the potential instore and real world is astronomical. It won’t be long until we see these funny barcodes everywhere we look.


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  1. And if you would like to create some, you can do so using my QR Code Generator.

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