45 cloudware tools to save business time & money

Save time, increase capacity to do work and ultimately save money… why wouldn’t people jump at the opportunity? I think in most instances the problem lies in not being aware of the tools or their capabilities.
No doubt many of you are utilising the cloudware listed below, but it amazes me how many companies haven’t adapted these powerful and often free tools.
One of my professional NY resolutions is to educate more people about the below to help them in their day-to-day business… let’s spread the cloudware word!
Google docs create/share word/ppoin/excel documents
Open office office suite
Flow chart viseo alternative
Widgenie create interactive charts 
Etherpad edit word document in real time
Textflow edit word document in real time
Zoho full office suite 
Zotero bibliography
Easybib bibliography
Memiary diary
Whizle create/share presentations
280 Slides create/share presentations
Preezo create/share presentations
Prezentit create/share presentations
Empressr create/share presentations
Business/ project management
Plan HQ business plan implementation
Enleiten task/project management
Projectthingy task/project management
Basecamp task/project management
37 Signals task/project management
Eproject task/project management
Joint Contract task/project management
Liquid Planner task/project management
Timetoast interactive timelines
Financial managment
File storage/sharing
Photshop alternatives
Userfly usability reporting
Snappages easy site development
Rackspace hosting
Zunavision embed images into video

One Response

  1. Also chek out TeamWork Live for business/project management software. It’s like Basecamp with more of the project management features you need.

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