Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign in 5 Just Weeks

Can string imageIt will soon be a fundamental business practice for every company to have a social media presence, just as it now essential for a company to have a website.

The main shift in the web 2.0 era has been that consumers have moved from digesting content to publishing it themselves, which moved the power away from the corporate and placed it firmly with the masses.

Consumers now have the ability to send brand reputation plummeting with one YouTube video (see Dominos’ response video below), it’s important now more than ever that companies plan for the worst and keeping an ear close to the ground.

The great news is there is a cavalcade of free tools to choose from to create a successful social media campaign and this article series will show you to start in just 5 weeks. Unlike traditional media where you pretty much get one chance to launch a campaign, social media is about refining and growing over time.

Week 1 – Become an expert

The first step is to become an expert of you category and gain an understanding of what’s important in your space.

Time invested

Set up: 2 hours

Ongoing: 1 hour per day

1. Create a Google Reader account. Google Reader will syndicate content from around the web making you a focussed, time-efficient, learning machine.

2. Find appropriate blogs within your category through a search engine. Don’t stress about their quality initially, you should be refining these continually as you continue to read them.

3. Use a free social media monitoring service to send targeted feeds to your Reader account. Social Mention is one of the most powerful free social monitoring sites.

nike search.jpeg

Simply type your or your competitor’s band name into the search bar and choose between the publishing types in the top hand nav to get a result.

nike search result.jpeg

To continue getting updates in real-time use the RSS Feed in the top right hand side of the page. You’ll now be able to monitor you search results straight from Google Reader.

From then on spend around an hour a day monitoring Google Reader. You’ll soon find how Einstein’s learning curve can apply directly to you as you rapidly become an expert on your field of interest.

In the coming articles you’ll learn to monitor what content people react to, create a campaign strategy and launch your social media campaign in 4 short weeks.


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  1. […] Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign in 5 Just Weeks […]

  2. […] Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign in 5 Just Weeks […]

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