Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign in 5 Just Weeks 2

Week 2 – Learn what people react to

See week 1 here.

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To run a successful social media campaign you need to know what makes your target audience tick.

There’s nothing like ongoing market research to gain an insightful understanding of your future community. By commenting and responding on blogs, YouTube videos, micro-blogs, LinkedIn topics/questions, Q&A Sites and other social media platforms you not only learn what makes people in your category tick, it also begins to build up valuable relationships with your target market and positions you as an expert in you field.

Time required

Half hour a day: having conversations.

8 hours initially, 1 hour a week ongoing: audit what’s successful.


Ah, the fine art of commenting… how to be controversial enough to illicit a response without completely alienating yourself from the people you’re trying to connect with. See Jason Falls article in Social Media Explorer for more on the fine line between pissing people off and becoming their friend.

Most of the opportunities for commenting will come out of your daily scan of media. The RSS Feeds you created in Week 1 will ensure you find out about any relevant Blog, micro-blog or Q&A posts so you can engage real time.

Identifying good content

Audit what’s successful, look at sites like digg, reddit, Twitter, YouTube,, StumbleUpon etc and find the most popular content.

Content is the key, whether you’re creating it, trying to get others to pass it on or trying to get others to create it, you need to understand what makes one piece of content successful and another a failure.

Take the time to review and compare the content. Most of the sites have broad categories their content fits into allowing you to scan what’s more relevant to your category.

Have an opinion on what makes the top ranking content popular. This time will also give you a good opportunity to join in on the conversation.

The next article in the series will show you how to identify and continually focus on your niche.


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