Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign in 5 Just Weeks 3

See week 1 here.

See week 2 here.


Now that you’ve built up knowledge within your area of expertise and hopefully have a system for reviewing, interacting with and sharing content, it’s time to plan what niche you can own within the online space.

Ensuring you carve out an area of expertise you can own allows you to:

  • Better meet the demands of your audience
  • Focus your offering
  • Ensure your rankings for organic search traffic

For example a financial institution may look at focussing on a niche that isn’t traditionally considered by banks…. Yes it’s Redneck bank! It’s real, hilarious and gosh-darn it – it just might work. The long tail that digital has created by increasing the capacity to publish is well documented and it’s important to understand in order to achieve successful differentiation.

redneck bank

There’s a straight-forward process that ensures you truly focus on your niche, and also helps you develop your rankings in search engines over time.

8 hours initially: define your niche

4 hours: competitor analysis

2 hours: search research

3 hours: keyword segmentation

Define your niche

A bit of brainstorming will go a long way but don’t get too bogged down in hitting the nail on the head at this stage. Online has changed the way we work in that you can be more tactical. Put something out there, see how people react to it and revise if you have to based on the success of what you’ve produced. At this stage it’s important that you just get started and build momentum. Ask yourself a couple of key questions…

What business gaps are there in your vertical?

If you were in your consumer’s shoes what would you wish for that currently doesn’t exist?

Do some lateral thinking and come up with an offering that makes sense yet has an edge. The main thing is not to dwell here. You should be able to narrow down an area you can own online over other people within your category.

Competitor analysis

Once you’ve got a couple of ideas together start looking at what competitors are doing especially within search rankings. Who’s ranking high in your search terms? Why? Is there much competition? What are competitors doing that you can use to your advantage?

To carve out a niche in your sector you want to be sure you can rank well in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) as organic search will be a key strategy in drawing like-minded people to you.

Search research

Once you’re happy with the niche you’ve identified. Use a Google keyword research tool to expand your 5-10 search terms. Google’s tool will give you an idea of different terms that relate to the terms you investigate. The tool will also give you an idea of the search volume and competition. The data is based on paid search but there’s no reason you can’t apply the learnings to your organic search.

Keyword segmentation

Once you’ve got a list export them to a .csv file and begin to tier the list into importance of words. When producing content you’ll have a bible of words to refer to which will ensure you carve your niche.

In the next week you’ll begin to expand a list of keywords into content people you’re targeting will want to read.


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