Why every digital marketer needs to know about QR Codes

Looks like a backdrop from a 1988 Atari game but Denso Wave Corp’s Quick Response (QR) Code is the begining of a revolution in how we interact with every day objects. The design of the printed data (pictured left) allows for a great deal of data to be transfered to scanners. There’s been a proliforation of scanner technology being adapted by mobile phones however, limited web-browsing on phones in general has limited the level of interaction the consumer can have post-scan. This is about to change with Microsoft’s new application, the first step to QR Codes becoming a litgitimate way to reach mass audiences with highly interactive content via QR Code.


Pretty simple – turn any object including press ad, clothing article, outdoor location etc into a link to the digital world. The biggest initial opportunities wil be linking ads & objects to eCommerce sites for sales conversion. 

Obviously there’s opportunity to get a lot more creative with the technology, the potential instore and real world is astronomical. It won’t be long until we see these funny barcodes everywhere we look.


Why digital is the answer…

Though world news is clearly focussed on the current economic crisis, a recent announcement from the Interactive Advertsising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) announced an 11% YOY growth in internet ad revenue in the U.S. at $5.9 billion.


Given the large pressure on ROI in a reccesion, marketers will be forced to be smarter with their budgets and make smaller investments work harder. A large factor influencing increased digital investment will be accountablility and ability to measure/react to market behaviour in real-time. More and more marketing professionals/corporations are learning the advantages of digital communications over traditional media.

Tips for the online big guns in ’09

Great article from RWW on what strategies the major online players should be looking at in 2009.