Keep up with the cloudware phenom in 2009




The netbook. A new phenomena to accommodate our fast-paced, cloudware lifestyle. Easy to carry, Wi-Fi enabled and cheap these little buddies are perfect for accessing the net on the go. With continual innovation and penetration of cloudware we’ll see more and more tech manufacturers developing these handy tools which are already outselling the iPhone

Typically these have ranged from $300-$500 and are look like they’ve come out of a cereal packet, however with Apple set to launch their version  and Fujitsu’s newly launched LifeBook we’re already starting to get sleeker models on the market.

Bring it on. With each passing day I use less of my desktop and more cloudware. Previously the netbooks available have always struck me as shonky, however the Fujitsu has given me hope, but I’ll always hold out for Apple.


More amazing cloud-ware

Stanford University research students have recently released ZunaVision site which enables anyone to easily embed images and other motion graphics into video footage… for free!

Though the service is free, ZunaVision has already worked with some major brands such as Coke, ebay, IBM and Dove to monetize their service.

The technology allows anyone with a mediocre following on youtube to update clips with branded sponsorship, giving marketers another clever way to reach the long tail of the web audience.